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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Poison almost ready to be administered

Poison sent me a working injection and needs testing, but had an internet blackout so there's a slight delay. Going to this stupid meeting now and hope to be back a.s.a.p and then I'll get to testing it... and then hopefully sending the bitch off to Rotica!

thanks everyone for the great comments, I'm happy everyone's still with me!

PS: if you sent me an email with a question or a problem and I haven't answered, please re-send it and keep on bugging me until I answer! My inbox is a bit of a mess sometimes.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Poison was the cure

The emails I am getting from this vendor I asked to help me are like messages from God, Krsna, Allah or whatever devine entity you choose because the dude said that he has sorted the DS version of Lali's Bits out. All that remains in packaging and testing over at Rotica. I almost wet myself out of happiness.

Oh and btw, I'm allowed to mention his name: Poison :)

That would be Mr. Poison to us now.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Time to move on... called in the Cavalry

Hey fans, customers, users...

DS Version of Lali's Bits

I've finally called in the cavalry because I need to move on. I've stopped trying to make the DS version for Lali's Bits and given it to someone with more experience because its just taking too long and its completely bogging me down. I am not, and never will be a DS user. I'm dying to get on with my comics, and other things such as the update for LBs, and some tutorial PDFs. 

The person that is taking it over is an experienced DS vendor. Hopefully he's faster than I am.

Back to comics!!

Next stop: Lali Lite #1 'The Gentleman's Club', a small adventure with Lali and her friend Julie back in the day when she studied as an exchange student in Oxford. 

Work place

With the money earned from Lali's Bits I've started to renovate my place, with better PCs and a safer workstation. My equipment is protected by a very effective UPS system and will be locked up in a secret room nobody can find (very necessary where I live).

In the meanwhile

Much work to do: sorting out all of my runtime props and textures, downloaded or created. Make an airplane cockpit, 1940's, 1980's and 2000 style; car interior components for detailed car interior scenes, more guns & weapons; office props & furniture; street scenes; people, clothing, Arabic and African... all in preparation for the next comics to come.

Lali's Hair needs improving; better breast control...

And off course: Project V ;)

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Warning to MAC users

Hey guys and gals,

Some folks using MAC OS out there ran into a bit of trouble when they followed my manual. It so happens that MAC OS doesn't do the replace (merge) trick all other OSs do but entirely replaces a folder structure. Two people almost lost their runtimes!!! Luckily they had them backed up.

So just a warning, make sure you merge them somehow. The manual has been updated with this here.


DAZ version: nothing new yet, but we're making slight progress. Luckily we've got two guys working it. Sorry its taking so much time!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Almost there, now I need DAZ help

DAZ Version. 

Sorry its taking so long. Ok so I'm going down the ExP route because its the only way that might get me somewhere. The scripting route is just impossible to figure out.

But I need help from DAZ knowers, I'm almost there.

Situation is this:


  • All the morphs
  • Channels


  • ERC code values
  • Groups (minor)
  • Loading the prop (just script)

The ERC code values seem to be a problem. Although the ERC codes actually appear to work, the values seem over exaggerated. I suspect it might be because DAZ works with percentages instead of decimals. Could I be right?

The issue with the groups is that the ExP .bat program stalls when making the groups for the body. It might just be a coding error and I will probably find the issue eventually.

The prop just needs to be loaded with a script. Ken is looking into it, but anyone have any tips?