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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

DSON madness

Ok I have to share this with you. Is this normal?

So I have a lecture scene with a whole bunch of figures, and the one that's giving me the all the trouble is Genesis 2 V6. First of all she was HUGE. She's as big as my fully developed Lali and doesn't even have that many morphs... and moreover I don't need all those useless morphs for this scene. But its impossible to get rid of all those morphs without having to delve deep into some weird DS folder safari ritual. It crashes the PZ3Editor and the only way I can get it to delete all the morphs is to either manually delete them, or export it as a CR2 and do the delete zero morphs thing. I exported Genesis 1 to CR2 to get rid of the DSON nonsense. But with Genesis 2 it insists on being connected to DSON for some reason, even as a CR2. Then to copy it to my render PC, I obviously have to make sure I copy all of my required DAZ files, and DSON... but the files are bloody random!... and the DS Content must be included as a poser library for DSON to work. But even a scene inventory collect doesn't seem to work, you still need to show Poser where the DAZ files are. Then for rendering, when I wanna hide limbs to avoid it from getting included in the SSS calculation, the hiding works fine, but if you reload the scene, the hidden part of he figure appear in the middle of the scene unposed. Conforming clothing also does weird things, they just don't seem to conform at all until I tell it to zero figure. 

Besides that, the grouping of the morphs and controls is profoundly tedious! And when I first bought her (God knows why...) whenever I load her up, her boobs are all wonky. And what's with those cartoon outlines I just cannot seem to get rid of?? All in all, V6 is quite a pain in the ass hahaha!

Or am I doing something wrong?

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Comic date release, update, without the ranting :)

Some of you might have noticed the little rant I posted up earlier about Google Plus and Facebook and all that crap... let me spare you that now hihi.

Ok let me show you where I'm at now. I am rendering several scenes at the same time. Some of the scenes are so fucking big that I need to pose the characters in a separate file and later merge them into the scene because its just impossible otherwise!!! (see below) All the characters are now in position and now I'm just posing the fuck out of the last scenes. All in all it should be done by December 20.

So for the comic I made a few things like boxer shorts for M4 that can open, but also additional morphs for the M4 willy, the P3D business suit and much more other stuff. Some of this I could probably put in the shops if you want it.

So anyway, there's going to be a few fun surprises that I really cannot wait to see the reactions of. No it won't be Project E, but could've been close. Its almost ready for implementing but I wouldn't manage it before X-mas. Maybe the next comic?

Below is a whole bunch of test renders of the whole project, and below you can see some of the markers I use to put a scene together. I improved Lali's Bends, gave Xtina some rollerblades, etc etc...

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Test renders... and a new girl?

I thought maybe you'd like to see some of the test renders I did while preparing the characters for the scenes. While I was posing one of the scenes with four characters, my PC was struggling because the Lali System is now something like 200Mb and her clothes are all together the same, and then twice, and soon even four times. So I needed to make an actor class Lali System, with all the body shaping morphs removed and just 10 compiled FBMs for all my ladies. It made a BIG difference!

The professor is ready to rock as you can see, he gets annoyed with Lali and causes her to get up to no good. I perfected the Englishman's sophisticated expression on Reginald there! Laila's Pubes (here shown on Lali) are improving and are ready for the action scenes. Julie's skin is less yellow now; Laila's outfit is now fully rigged and ready to go. Her loose top has the band logo of 3D artist BGrissett1. There will be other such surprises in this comic... hehehe, you'll see.... I can't wait!!!

Oh and who's that blonde girl now??

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Pubes and other Hair

Just a small update, I accidentally made some pubes because Laila desperately needs some. The pic below is directly out of max, it still needs rigging and morphing. It looks very neat now but I'll make options. Now this I can put in the store some time soon because it doesn't involve FUCKING INJECTION CHANNELS :) and obviously it will be compatible with all sorts of V4 shit.

(edit): I just rigged it to work for Lali and the girls (customized V4) and made a few morphs quickly. I'll test this in the comic and then I can prep it for the store.

For the rest I've been working on Lali's hair (more renders coming). Unfortunately it is a rework of Kozaburo's stuff but for Project E I'll remake it in an original mesh.

Also, I added some small JCMs like the Sternokleido Mastoidius in the neck showing up as Lali bends her neck backwards, and a bulge under her chin as her head rotates down to her chest. I also added a tonne of other little morphs here and there. These will all be incorporated in Project E.

Below is a free wallpaper, a simple one at 1680 x 1050. I wanna make some more wallpapers in future. Can anyone recommend me some sizes?

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Lali Lite - progress 50% (Oct 2013)

Christ on a bicycle! What a project. Well I'm finally making headway, just animating the big scenes first, then later I'll do the smaller 'cut scenes'. First scene is done, some small sneaky previews here for you to try and decipher :D 

Below are all the main scenes in order of appearance, just for fun. At the bottom are updates of the main room (I'm crazy)... and also a render of the detailled view outside, hopefully an improvement over the Stephen King scenery from before!

ok later!