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Saturday, 28 December 2013

At the beach... getting nailed with storms!!

Hey fans, fellow artists, friends, pervs, boys n girls, so I thought I was going to be clever and render the last scenes of the comic at the beach. It started off well, set up in my tent running off batteries in the car, or running my system in the back of the car, but then we got hit by thunderstorms and a crapload of rain. Its the beginning of the rainy season here. It usually comes later, but this time its early! And its not save to run my system in that weather.

I had about 50 renders to go, GRR!! Its a shame I didn't manage to finish it yet, because that would in a way have been a record time. I spent a long ass time making all the props and stuff, but to be honest I was actually experimenting a lot as well, but I started posing and rendering properly a month ago and it is a big comic, with well over 400 renders!

Anyway, also I couldn't reach my blog for some reason all that time. So for those folks that didn't see it over at 'Otica, here's a belated Christmas greeting... and a HAPPY FUGGIN NEW YEAR!!

This year has been awesome, with Lali's Bits turning my life up-side-down, opening a shitload of doors, new friends, new ideas, new tools and software, and the beginnings of my own 3D figure. I set up my own workshop here in 'Southern Africa' and helped out a bunch of very professional local craftsmen. Thank you to everyone that has helped me this year. I will write a more formal acknowledgement in my comic once it comes out.

My new year's resolutions? Lots more comics! and obviously Project fucken E baby! 

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Comic Update - Mmmmmassive scenes

Ok as you noticed I did NOT make the 20th... rub it in! But hopefully worth the delay. Like mentioned elsewhere, the renders slowed down dramatically when I started rendering the last scenes. The scenes are massive! So I'm now pushing my PCs to the max!

Here are some previews!!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Lali Lite progress 90%

Concerning the next comic, I am currently posing and rendering scene 6 and 7 of 8 scenes! It is going to be fucking hilarious! I cannot wait to show it to you all, hopefully by Dec 20. It sucks that I need money to eat otherwise I'd put it up for free! Anyway, here are a few, renders. I cannot show you some of the best because there are a few surprises... hihi!!!

(the one at the bottom was a test render, there are some poke-throughs)