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Monday, 28 April 2014

3DX means extreme sex?

So this dude emails me with a question: he is puzzled why the hell I bother making 3D erotic comics about vanilla meat-and-potatoes sex, while there's already so much of that available in the regular porn industry. His argument was that with 3DX, you have the means to go extreme, like double-penetration or triple-penetration sex scenes with trolls and monsters, or giant schlongs or that hentai tentacle stuff going inside every hole of some polished barbie with basketball tits, and that just regular hanky-panky is a waste of time in 3D animation. He almost sounded religious about it. Thankfully, he allowed me to share this on my blog.

Ok so obviously, I begged to differ... by his reasoning, we are bound by duty to exploit all new forms of media to the absolute max, regardless of storytelling, insight, believability, amusement, composition, subtlety... it would be the same as saying why did Herge limit himself to the realm of the real world and not give Tintin supercomputers, SciFi weaponry, time-machines and driving Ferraris? and why did Albert Uderzo limit himself to Gaul in the Roman times when Asterix and Obelix could've been fighting spectacular dragons and orcs alongside Odin? And why did he make Asterix such a tiny fucker when he should've made him look like Crixus, with rippling pecs and bouldering biceps? Why did Fred Quimby limit himself to pots, hunting shotguns, bear traps and pianos when he could've exploited his animating skills and made Tom and Jerry kick the shit out of each other in mecha-suits with miniguns and hydra rocket pods... oh wait, they probably did haha...

Because new technology opens doors, doesn't mean they MUST be opened. There is such a thing as being nuanced. 3D computer graphics is IMO just another tool to use to tell a story, like the pens that Herge used. But what about the other doors that 3D CG opens?

Think about this, what if you want to make a porno, or an erotic comic, but you cannot afford the porn stars? Or the sets, or the camera equipment? For me 3DX opens other doors, and in my opinion, more compelling doors: namely I can avoid the cost of live porn stars, or better yet, I can work with quality actors because most porn stars are CRAP actors, and most porn directors are not any better either. Off course the quality of the actors in your 3DX is only as good as you are at posing them, but at least you have more control over them. You can also cross over styles a little easier that way, and make more believable and amusing stories in combination with proper in-your-face sex scenes, something that is rare in the porno industry.

Now I am also not saying that you shouldn't go extreme, duh. Nor am I saying that it is bad or that it sucks. There is some very good monster sex art out there by guys like The Merovingian, MongoBongo, and Blackadder to name a few. In fact I myself have a monster sex comic planned, and it might even be more extreme than some other monster sex comics out there (check the posters below, and this post). But it makes no sense to say that there's no point in 3DX without trolls or gollems fucking F-cupped barbie dolls. That's a bit, ehm, daft. The dude kindof agreed in the end, and we concluded that he's just a VERY big fan of monster sex. Nothing wrong with that.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Upcoming Comics

Hey! I've been busy slapping loads of shit together over the past week and I just wanted to share it with ya'lls asses. It looks like I have two more comics coming up, next to Disco Dragon, Secrets of Prof Brown and the next Black Desk adventure. These might come earlier because they're much much shorter and to the point. Some of you might have heard me talk about 'Impulse', I'm going to keep silent about it because there's a funny surprise in that comic. I'll leave you to nose around in the galleries here or on Rotica or AoD to figure out what's going on. Aaaand recently I had the urge to do something small with Sen, my take-no-shit fantasy character. The comic will be called 'Initiation' and I'll leave you to guess what happens in it. In any case, it won't be for the feint-hearted... 

The two comics will also come out in a new format, just as a trial. So far people have been positive about it... you'll see. I'm also busy with Disco Dragon, just making the sets still. For now, here's some concept art for all of it :)


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lali Lite 1 reviewed - and other impulses

Check it out, Lali Lite 1, the Gentleman's Club has been reviewed on Affect3D! Go see, leave a comment... and go check out some of the other reviews. Thanks Sol & Miro!

In other news I am working on something fun, it has something to do with some of the pictures of the student house, and about being impulsive! And it's Lali's Birthday soon... 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

The girl's student house

So considering I'll be needing their student house for future comics like the disco dragon and a bunch more (boy do I have surprises for you guys!) I thought it might be a good idea to get that set sorted out!

It is MASSIVE! I had to build an entire 'english' town around it with low-rise houses and flats etc, and I still have to do all the girls individual rooms. xTina's and Maria's are pretty much done. Much of it is a collection of different shit from different vendors, altered textures and edited meshes etc (thank you KF for pointing me in the right direction!). I made the student house myself in max. Here are some test renders (watch the improvements as you go through the house, like the front door...):

Here's the entrance, with an elevator in the hallway. The house has two entrances on either side. It is based on my old student house in Holland:

going inside, bathroom on the right, Julie's door in the back:

going further, the central block with the bathroom and toilet. Lali's red door there. Note the internet cables running overhead...

Rachel's door is hidden to the left.

turn around 100 degrees and there's the common room, or the living room with a kitchen block. Outside you an see a BIT of the town...

going back past the toilet, you can see where the internet cables are leading too... (and who's door is that?)

hint hint: 

Note the purple door!!! btw

Lali's and Laila's doors... (Lali's door has been updated here)

and behind the purple door we have Maria

click to enlarge this one

Lol check this btw:

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Disco Dragon... and the new girl

Considering the response up until now on this poll, I thought it might be best to start getting the set together of the next comic, 'The Disco Dragon' wherein Lali tries to get Christina laid when they go out at night. The 'Disco Dragon' is one of those maze-like pub-come-discotheque which has various levels. A pub in front, dance club in the back, with a drum n bass section and a VIP section. Here are some test renders of the place.

And then there's Maria, you've seen a version of her in a previous render. I'm not entirely sure about this character though because she looks almost identical to one of my friends so I'm a little worried I might get in shit for it, but I'm going to ask her if she has a problem with it. Needless to say she's hot as hell, so yeah, I did indirectly get my inspiration from a good source...

Monday, 7 April 2014

Aaaaaand I'm back... sort of then...

Hey peeps, sorry for the long silence. I literally ignored my inbox for a week or so. I was completely burnt up from all the non-stop work on the comic and other things... plus the malaria nailed me proper!

Thanks to everyone who bought the latest comic 'The Gentlemen's Club', people seem to really be enjoying it! 

Anyway, I'm gradually getting back into it and preparing story lines and scenes for future comics, Lali Lites and Black Desk adventures alike. Her Black Desk adventures will take her to Senegal and Sierra Leone to get involved with corrupt business men and politicians, some of whom have very exotic love lives... something Lali could fit into quite easy, or do I mean 'fit into' Lali? Here are some concept pictures! :)

Anyway, I am also playing around with Project E, so who knows, the next comic might show her secrets. I'm taking it very easy from now on, and I'm going to try and stop announcing all sorts of deadlines and making all sorts of promises. I am too fucking eager sometimes, and as a result I wear myself out! Ahh!

As for the next comics, I was wondering which comic you guys wanted to read first? I have three choices below:

The Disco Dragon

The first one is 'The Disco Dragon' where all the girls where planning on going the night after the 'Gentlemen's Club' episode. Lali, Laila, Julie, Christina, Rachel and perhaps a few others hang out there and get naughty with some boys and some of the girls even go further. But Lali is on a mission to get Christina laid, will she manage? And with who?

The Secrets of Professor Brown

Second is 'The Secrets of Professor Brown'. As you see in 'The Gentlemen's Club' Lali gets into a shitload of trouble with professor brown, and the nature of his initial 'lashing out' at her makes Lali suspect that he has a shady side to him. So she goes to find out. Together with one of her girlfriends, she finds out more about this side of him, and obviously accidentally gets involved!!!

First Times

The third is 'First Times' where Lali makes a mandatory visit to the psychologist to assess her on her psychological health. In that session she explains in detail how her 'first time' went, and more. The meeting gets broken up when the local police force asks for assistance in a local hostage situation, and Lali gets called in too as a surveillance tech. The mission seems to progress well, but this wouldn't be a Lali Adventure if everything just goes wrong...

So I'm just curious what you'd like to see. I'm also asking around in other places, they might have a different choice.

Ok now to my inbox...

Which comic do you want me to do first?
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