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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Project E.mesh5. So far, so good...

I don't think I've ever modeled anything THIS symmetrical before! Omg!

Just a small update. Under careful guidance of an experienced vendor I've now managed to get a really solid mesh going. We have made sure that the UV islands give a very uniform resolution throughout the mesh. The head (and other parts) is of course the exception. Very liberal UV maps for all the details.

Resolution is on Parr with V4 but all the polygons have been moved to the right place by using a unique method of modeling. Therefore the body movement, and the sculpting thereof, should be more natural now. All quads obviously. Integrated mouth, upper throat, dental and genital anatomy included.

Much to do still, but this mesh was the most vital step. Now I know some of you like to go off on a tangent about all sorts of details but this is just the mesh. The rigging and morphs have yet to come. So please, hold your horses about wrinkles and rare bodytypes, that is for later ;)

I am really excited about this. I've learned a lot in the last year, and making this mesh was flipping easy because I knew exactly what I wanted. I am however still a bit nervous. I keep on promising cool stuff but get thwarted by some stupid bug or something. Never the less I am determined to get this girl on the road a.s.a.p. because PE has been in the planning way too long. I need to focus on with my comics!

Despite that, in the meanwhile, I'm also busy rendering the DDpt2. Don't worry that is still going. Things are getting fun!

Cheers for now!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Project E mesh 5 started... no more V4

Hey guys n gals,

You might have seen this mentioned elsewhere but I've decided to go ahead with the last phase of Project E development, despite the fact that the Poser team was unable to resolve the JCM problem yet (due to priorities). 

I have decided to attempt it without JCMs. The reason I think it is possible is because of the latest Poser feature "figure handles" or whatever you call them (which are apparently backwards compatible). These handles give such a crazy amount of flexibility, I'm sure I could pull it off somehow. Relying purely on various weight maps could provide even more flexibility for the body when it comes to flesh deformation and/or transferring those deformations to clothing. Also, where JCMs would be incompatible with certain figure types, animated joint centers of theze handles could prove to be exponentially more flexible, especially since Poser 11 has the ability to make these centers animate along with the mesh (which still needs testing). And although JCMs are great for getting in accurate detail quickly, but they are a thorn in the eyes of content creators. So I think I'm going to try this route. 

The fifth mesh is near completion, under careful guidance of some competent vendors of RDNA. The polycount is much more economical than my previous versions, but with more detail in all the right places. I spent almost a year planning mesh 5 in my head, and commenced developing her in the most radical way possible (I'll explain after her release). She will still be a T-Pose, but with A-Pose in mind. 

For her release, all I can say for now is I hope I can make her available with a tonne of options, so she'll basically be plug n play. Content support is still a big question, and I will talk about compatibility below. There have been plenty vendors expressing interest in PE. So who knows, she might get plenty support. I'll try make her available with some simple garments, but I wouldn't be surprised if you'd rather just have her naked haha!

Yes no more V4 nonsense. Mesh 5 will not have a HINT of DAZ in her. No topo, no joint centers, etc. Nothin'. 

But don't worry V4 fans, my runtime is still full of great V4 content and I'm not going to let that go to waste. There will be a solution for us V4 fans, hopefully a very easy one, but I first need to get this girl off the ground without the shadow of DAZ's legal system threatening it.

Time frame? A.S.A.P. I need to get on with comics :)

And my valued comic fans, not to worry, the DDpt2 is still rendering happily on my other PC.

That's it for now. Cheers!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Poser 11 & December comics

Hey people,

Just a small update from me. I've been keeping my head low for a while, focusing on pumping out the renders of the Disco Dragon part 2 and Sen's Initiation. I didn't want to keep on posting repetitive updates. I'm going to try get them out in December before the new year!

In other news, the long awaited Poser 11 is now out!! It is downloading as I type this. These are exciting times for me because Poser 11, as you know, is paramount in the development of my uber-complex figure Project E, and also, perhaps even more so, for my comic-making. 

Over at RDNA, Smith Micro decided to showcase P11 (and the figures) to the community, giving us a glimpse into what to expect. Thanks to many folks there, like obviously Nerd3D, but also Netherworks, Vilters, Bagginsbill and a bunch of others provided some insights into what I could expect from Poser 11. Of course since everyone uses Poser differently, I need to see if for myself before being able to formulate in my mind what Poser 11 will mean for me. There were also some previews of the new figures Paul and Pauline, which despite probably being Poser's best figure to date, was less interesting for me, considering I'm developing my own. I might develop some morphs for her, just for fun. The introduction of Pauline did give me valuable insight into what I could probably expect if I release PE. In response, I also opened a thread called "Your Ideal Figure" in which I initially intended to keep independent of PE, but that didn't last too long I think... ahem. I did get some extremely useful tips and suggestions, and have already made some changes in my development plans for PE. She is certainly going to get an entirely new mesh (for the 5th time) because in the year that Ive been working with her, I've seen plenty of room for improvement. 

But first, let's see how Poser 11 holds up as a rigging platform, and what this will mean for Project E. I'll let you know in due time what I think, my comics take priority at the moment.

By the way, I will not be downloading the Poser figures yet, only tonight since I don't want to kill my bandwidth!

BTW: not to forget, in the last few days I was quite affected by the horrible events that took place in Paris. Very similar to the atrocities in Garissa, Kenya. Its just incomprehensible that some people can lower themselves to such a level to purposefully kill and main unarmed civilians that were just having a good time. Utterly disgusting. So to all my French fans, my thoughts are entirely with you. I hope you're all ok and that such things don't happen again in the beautiful city of Paris, or anywhere else for that matter.

Friday, 16 October 2015

Thank you & DDpt2 rendering now!

Phew, I needed a little break after all. That comic was a monster project! Anyway, back to work again. Like I said elsewhere I have already completed the storyboard of part 2 and also most of part 3. Scenes have all been built and scene 1 is already rendering as I type this :D

So please let allow me to thank everyone for taking interest and downloading the Disco Dragon part 1. I hope it entertained you much, and hopefully I can entertain you even more in future! Thanks to all those that left comments here on my Blog, or on Deviant Art or on Renderotica!

Just a small comment about the girls in this comic, yes they were all Project E but they were an older version, same as with Ruby in the free comic Admin Privileges. You can see Roxanna's shapes and bends are more improved in Part 1, and that's because she was the more advanced version of PE and she came later during the render process. For Part 2 all the girls are now updated to the new Project E figure, with better shoulder / arm rigging and slight adjustments to their shapes. Part 3 might have an even better version yet, especially when the highly anticipated Poser 11 will come out! In fact they might be a whole new mesh!

Cheers for now!

When you read the Disco Dragon pt1:

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Admin Privileges! Free shit ya'll!

Hey people, I just released a fun little series that you can pick up for free over at Rotica! 

It features my 'Rotica Girl' Ruby, who is taking classes at "ROTICA", the Royal Technical Institute and Crafts Academy :P lol

"One evening in the computer lab, she meets a classmate who is more than happy to share with her his Admin Privileges. After stealing a few glances across the room, they really get to know each other."

The party doesn't end there, hopefully within a week from now, you will be treated with another free publication: The Disco Dragon Part 1!

That they're both free is just a coincidence. I'd been planning the DDp1 to be free for a while now. All in the name of fun, people!!! Enjoy!

Saturday, 26 September 2015

One Project Down, two more to go!

Hey guys, just to show you I'm not 'all talk and no play' I completed my first 'comic' for the year! Whoo. It was actually a request, and it will be for free*!

While it is a small picture series I started a few months back, its still the first step in the right direction that started (partly by deciding to shelf Project E and wait for Poser 11) with hopefully part 1 of the Disco Dragon to follow (which will also be for free btw!). The third project of the year might either be part 2 of the Disco Dragon, or Sen's first comic. It depends which renders faster probably. 

Because the crowd renders of the DD are motherf**king slow, I've dedicated my two fastest computers on the job and it definitely makes a difference. I've also cleaned out all the scenes of unnecessary crap, light emissions and whatnot to also help speed it up. The renders still look good. My old i7 HP pc is getting used to model additional items for Sen's first comic, stuff like weapons, trees, straps, but also improving the sets in the comic and perhaps continuing the posing I started a few weeks back. 

In other words, all is going well on the comic front, I just need to press on!

*you do need to sell your soul to the devil first, but chances are you've already done that so... no worries! :D

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Promising Poser futures...!

Hey guys, this has just been brought to my attention:

The future of Poser...

Seems like ol' Nerd3D knows his shit huh? I'm excited for sure. The select tool. The GPU support. The INJ file creation. Etc etc. Someone is listening!

Nerds are go!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Thank you, new comic readers!

Just a quick post to thank all the people that bought my comics in the last year (especially in the last few weeks). You have helped me buy a new back up power system!

Ever since the storm that hit my country back in January this year, my old power system somehow took a beating and I couldn't render properly anymore. I never realized how stressful this was until a few weeks ago when I started rendering the MASSIVE scenes of the disco dragon. Some images would take 2 days to render but the local power supply is so unreliable (and my back up system no vigilant enough) that it would kick out a render half-way. its also not healthy for my computers to switch off mid-process. So thanks for helping me out there!! Huge difference!

As you also saw below, I ran into another brick wall regarding Poser. My scenes were just TOO BIG! It was reported as a bug and now I've managed to truncate my scenes without compromising on the result. Rendering is fine again!

Last week was also a little scare when I got an email from Google saying I was in violation of their TOS, which confused the hell out of me. I was worried about this blog and my galleries. Turned out they had quietly changed their Picasa TOS back in 2014 and ever since I'd unintentionally been in violation of it. So by moving all my shit to my blogger albums it would still be legit. I did so and hopefully they'll leave me alone now. But the pressure to make my own website is ever greater, Google clearly wants nothing to do with us. Thanks Jim, KF and Cyprine for your help thusfar!

I hope from now on it will be clear sailing! In the last two days I've managed to render four massive renders with ease. Parts 2 and 3 of the DD will be easier to render since they won't have that many crowd scenes.

Btw that girl up there is 'Rebecca'. I'll probably add her to the Project E Character FBMs :)

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Google Plus? Power cuts, bugs... still rendering!

So I get this in the mail today:

Dear Erogenesis Art,
We've determined that your photos may be in violation of our User Content and Conduct Policy.
Continued violation of our policies can lead to the loss of your ability to use some or all of the features of Google+ and other Google services. Learn more
Yours sincerely,
The Google+ Team

Ehm, I don't even have Google+, for this exact reason. The TOS conflicts entirely. I'd never dream of going to Google+ (or Google Photos for that matter). Is this perhaps a hint that Google is merging Picasa with Google+? I checked Picasa, all is normal. I checked Google Photos (apparently I have it, despite not having G+) and suddenly I find all my images in there. FULL OF SEX! Well Duh, I never moved them there. I delete an album on Google Photo, and it's removed on Picasa. Well now... are we now all getting forced to use Google+?

Does anyone know this means? Can I ignore this and get on with my life? Or is it another one of Google's way to nudge out Erotica artists from blogger? (because for some reason google seems to think that sexual fantasies are not of this earth...)

In other words, I'll probably be banned from Google any time from now. You can keep track of me over at Deviant Art (until they crack down on anything with a vagina). Yeah I need to get my own website going, I was hoping to get my comics going first to get a bit of capital to pay for that. JIM!!!!! HALP!

Edit: apparently Picasa's TOS disallows me to host the pictures that I do... well great. I don't remember this being the case a few years ago, or maybe I just assumed if erotic content was ok on blogger, then the associated image storage would have the same rules. Apparently not. Very logical. So for the next few days I'm gonna have to make sure everything is moved to a less anal location, and make sure all is linked to the right place. We're talking all my series over at AoD, as well as here... as if I have nothing better to do.


Anyway, besides these pious, asexual, neurotic, mega-corporations dictating sexual morality upon the masses, I've also had to deal with your typical African governmental corruption (not so very different really) that results in daily Power-Cuts because they cannot be arsed to get expert help to solve the problems with the hydroelectric dam. They'd rather spend donor money on their mercedes benzes and 'foreign trips'.

Not to worry, I've invested in a new and improved power supply that will probably be able to bridge their incompetence with the grace that we know as modern technology! Whoo. 

Next to that I've also accidentally discovered the limits of Poser (by loading up 300+ figures into one scene). I was set back a few days, the bug was reported, and now I can carry on. I think I should also learn from this year that its best to just aim small, that way you can actually get things done at a faster tempo :P

What a life!

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Comics or Bust, waiting for Poser

It is now August and I've still not produced anything this year. Bad bad bad ero! Don't worry though, I haven't been wasting time, in fact I've done a lot of extremely useful and valuable things, but nothing has been completed yet. I realized I've got too many balls in the air and decided to temporarily drop a few to get at least something done this year. One of them is Project E unfortunately, but not without reason. 

If any of you have Lali's Bits then you'll know that Project E will be crazy complex and very detailed, and to make such a figure I need a rock-solid platform that gives me total control over my figure. Poser is almost such a platform, with lots of extremely useful tools to get me 60% of the way. Unfortunately Poser also suffers from a lot of crippling bugs that have never been addressed, which make it near impossible to oversee and manage the complexity of Project E (or even to get it to work properly on your PC). And with all the attention it has been getting lately, I don't want to release a half-assed figure.

Waiting for Poser 11

The good news is that Poser has a new product manager (Nerd3D) that seems to have a better and more diligent grasp of what has to be done to get Poser fine-tuned. So far I can only rely on his words, those of some of the testers and other rumors, but most of them seem quite promising. In any case they seem more in contact with the reality of their user's experiences than before, and that should only prove beneficial, imo. Let's hope I'm right!

btw, concerning DS, no promises but I have a vendor closely affiliated with DAZ that has offered to help get Project E into DS once she's working. The tech theoretically works in DS but it just needs some small tweaks to read PE properly. But first I have to get the girl working properly in Poser, my platform of choice.

So I've decided to focus entirely on my comics until Poser 11 comes out. And even then, I've decided to delegate some development tasks to other people so that I can focus more on my comics, the entire reason why I got into 3DCG in the first place. Luckily I've now got some very competent people offering their help to me in running this project, and also they agree with me that it is best to wait for Poser 11. But not to worry, PE still gets developed as I make my comics, since that's what she was made for.

Finally some comics!!

Now for comics, Poser is brilliant, so no excuses there. I've added a progress bar frame up top, so that you can see what's happening. Most of the progress would indicate the posing / rendering phase, because that's really what its all about. But if the progress is at 10% it would mean that everything is set up, but now has to be acted out and rendered. In actual fact it should be 50% because preparing the scenes is half the work, but usually preparation work is also in conjunction with other comics, and future comics related to that comic. Like with the Disco Dragon, once part 1 is done, parts 2 and 3 should be smooth sailing since everything is set up.


And on that note, like I said I haven't been wasting time this year. The good news about my comics is that, despite having spent so much time on Project E, I've still managed to build up figures, props, clothing, materials, entire sets and locations for the stories I've been planning to do. All I really need to do is pose the characters and render. I've already started with the Disco Dragon part 1 a few weeks ago and its 74% done. I hope I can finish it by the end of this month, otherwise it will be beginning of September. 

Erogenesis' Madness streamlined

The Disco Dragon (DD) will by far be the most elaborate comic I've ever made, even crazier than the Gentleman's Club. The first part will be the introduction to the story, setting up the reason there will be so much sex in the second and third parts. I think by now I've firmly established that 'Lite' means: fun, light-hearted, no violence etc, as opposed to a short comic lol. I cannot do short comics! However I'm not going to make the same mistake as the Gentleman's Club to wait and release it in one go, but rather in three parts, both for entertainment reasons as for marketing and financial reasons. Most of all you won't have to wait so long for some prime Lali entertainment lol

For free???

Part 1 will be for free, and the other two will be for sale. I do this for two reasons: 1. so that you can see what the comic will be about. 2. shameless marketing. I've discovered that there are many people out there that hesitate to want to pay for 3DX comics, partly because of being disappointed. So like this people can see my quality and what they can expect the next time they pay their hard-earned $$$ for a comic of mine. Also, I've found out that a lot of folks out there don't exactly know that Lali comics are not your average 3D erotica. So hopefully this will also help folks see what Lali is all about and make them less hesitant to invest in my work. Of course, and I am not ashamed to admit that this will help my sales along a bit... which is necessary because I need to make a living hehe

And then...?

For the rest, as you know I have a load of other comics planned, but I hope to get Sen's first comic done this year!! I'm in the mood for something totally different!

Secret Projects

Yes I have one secret 'comic' coming up, and I'm also working on a simpler 3D model of something, something with the level of detail of Lali's Bits ;) I won't say more.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

July updates - Poser figures & comics

Hey peeps!

Good news, I appear to have a nice work-around for the JCM problems I was having with Project E. Thank you to those that helped! This means I can now FINALLY start thinking about how to wrap this girl up.

Make no mistake there's still MUCH to do, decisions to make, and there's always a small risk of realizing it might be a lost cause... but at least I can finally resume serious development. I need to do mesh repairs, entirely new JCMs, new WM, improved UV maps. I have a few vendors advising me already about this and that. 

One of my key ambitions with Project E is compatibility, at least with V4. Firstly for my own sake, it will save me a load of work not having to convert all my V4 content, and second the same also applies for you guys. I can animate the joint centers and make her compatible with V4 clothing, and make her compatible with V4 textures, for me the compatibility thing is no problem because that's private, but once I put this girl in the store, things will be a little different... legally. So its a matter of finding a nice solution. Should the whole compatibility not work out, I doubt I'll bother releasing PE. I'm not going to make any illusions about support and I'm not going to let her go down in history as yet another dead figure... of course unless I can rack up some proper support for her. 

In the meanwhile I'm setting up a tester of the current version for review for a few vendors (of which I just improved the shoulder Weight Maps - top picture). Please don't ask for this copy because I only want very specific people looking at it. The real beta testing version will come out much later when most of the above mentioned improvements have been sorted out.

I wish to repeat, and I cannot stress this enough: Project E is a figure I have designed to use for my comics, and thus it is a moderate/hi resolution artistic figure with plenty detail, not a lo-poly game figure. I am not promising a V4 replacer, or a figure that is better than what DAZ makes. If it works for me, I presume it will work for some others too.

BTW the figures you see here are FBMs and character tests. This could be the face of Project E but that can change in time. The base body of Project E is very flat and featureless to minimize any disturbance in the effect of the weight mapping.

V7 mania

No doubt most of you artists will have noticed that CG giant DAZ has released yet another genesis figure (G3), along with all the usual merchandise getting re-sold, as well as a new Victoria model. Off course me being the nosy bugger that I am I go an buy it and check it out and open my big mouth on all the relevant forums (except DAZ's... ahem). But aside from it being DAZ exclusive (as in, not Poser), G3 is a good figure. If you work with DS, you're in for a treat, especially with Iray, their new renderer! (check my impatient attempt above lol

But if you use Poser, well...yeah, hmm, I don't wanna pick a fight or anything but I do wanna say that its not really cool to develop a figure partly financed by the thousands of dollars that loyal Poser customers have invested in DAZ, and then not let those same Poser customers enjoy it, half expecting them to dump their entire workflow to start using a new piece of software just for a figure... not sure what to think about that. 

There were some arguments for technology or something, but within 24 hours of G3's release, a bunch of Poser users over on Rosity managed to port G3 into Poser, looking fairly decent too. If they could do that, then I'm quite sure DAZ could've easily made a plan for their Poser fan base. Hmm... anyway, whatever. I tried to port G3 into oser like those guys did but without much success. To be honest I didn't try very hard because I already have my own figure. 

But still, in defiance I chucked V7 and PE into zbrush and basically traced her shape onto PE, making an FBM for her. 

Hua! Hua! Hua! Hua! All your FBMs are belong to us!!


No further news regarding comics, other than that the Disco Dragon is busy rendering on my second PC and another secret project rendering on a third PC. Whenever I'm not working on PE or some other project, I work on Sen's first comic. I cannot wait to bring that comic out! I think I'll be using the updated Project E for Sen. That will be siiiick! :D

Tales of the Rogue

Speaking of comics, as a young CG comic artist myself I feel I must support CG artists wherever I can. Upstarting CG artist and buddy of mine, DarkSeed, just wrapped up his first fantasy comic about his heroine Abbadonna entitled "Tales of the Rogue - Into the Cursed Woods". Darkseed spent a good long time working at it and is now finally also a veteran of the comic-making process. Darkseed is a very ambitious fellow and this can be seen in this elaborate tale. If you're a fan of strong leather-clad ladies in a world of demons, legends, swords, comedy and magic, I certainly recommend checking this out, especially now since it's on sale this weekend over at drivethrucomics!

Comic format

So my last post was about what comic format you guys would like me to use, and first of all THANK YOU for all the votes. Second of all, the result was very surprising. I was honestly thinking that the landscape cinema style would be more popular but it seems that the old-school comic still wins it! This is kindof a relief because the Disco Dragon is rendering at a massive cinematic format now and its taking FOREVER to cook renders! I might resort to a horizontal comic if it takes any longer. What is also clear is that tablets are not as popular as the good old laptops and PCs with you guys. I guess tablets are rather small eh? 

So what do you guys think of the results then? Let me know your opinions!

Below a copy of the poll (also if you wanna vote and haven't yet)

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Future Lali Comics format

Hey guys, some of you might have already seen the little poll over to the side here --> (thank you for all the votes already cast!!) I should've done this a while ago. I actually have a survey coming up soon that I'm building up over on SurveyMonkey about Lali comics in general.

I've actually started rendering the disco dragon (and also ready to render Sen's comic) but I'm not that far that re-rendering in a different format is a problem. So if you have time please let me know your thoughts on what format you prefer. I need to decide this before I start.

(btw check I found my old storyboard for CODE 10 lol)


So just a quick breakdown of the options in the poll:

Old school upright with frames (like CODE10)

So this is the classic comic book format that I've already been doing for my first four comics including the Gentleman's Club. the only reason I chose to do it this way was pure nostalgia, and I actually didn't really think about the readability. Someone told me to keep going in this format just in case I ever get printed. But for laptop's and PCs its actually a bit clumsy to read. 

In any case I really do like the framing of smaller pictures, it gives that old-school tintin or asterix feel to it. This is one of my favorite formats.

Same as above but then horizontal

So you could say old school comic books with small framed pictures and speech bubbles, but then lengthwise for laptop and PC screens. I don't have an example but I think Epoch did formats like this with his earlier work.

I actually planned to do this format for the Gentleman's Club but I hurried my way into production not realizing I had just started with the same old upright format! Oops. 

I think I'd be cool with this format, I might try this for the next Black Desk, but it would feel odd since its not like real comics. Not sure though.

Large picture series, less pages (classic 3DX) 

Here we're talking formats like what Blackadder does, and just about all other 3DX artists. The only reason I added this as an option is because, well, I am thoroughly lodged in the 3DX scene and this seems to be the standard. 

I do have a small project in the pipeline that will use this format, but that project is well suited for this format since it has simply no storyline.

But even so, I doubt I could ever work with a format like this. You've undoubtedly noticed that my emphasis is much more on story, dialog and funny situations, and thus a LOAD of renders. Rendering at full 3DX format would be suicide for me, and probably useless because the detail and resolution of a render is not important when Lali and xtina are talking about what happened last night... :P lol

One thing I'd like to add here was that after the release of the Gentleman's Club, I read somewhere that someone wanted to zoom in to one of the images because they wanted to see the detail of some of the sexy stuff. But the resolution was not suitable for that. I guess this format would solve this but in all honesty, in my 3 years as a 3DX artist I have only ever received like 1 or perhaps 2 complaints that my format was too small. Even requests to make a larger version of a certain render are rare. My emphasis is definitely not wallpaper, but context. So I think I made that compromise in my comic Impulse, where I zoomed into the action for the reader.

Small pictures, more pages 

Take this one seriously because I've been entertaining you with nothing else but this format, and seemingly to effect. First of all all my free series are this format, small but entertaining pictures, sure there's not much resolution, but people seem thoroughly entertained regardless. Second of all, my first three comics were more-or-less this format too, except placed in frames on a larger page (with a few larger full-page renders every so-many pages). The advantage of this format is the speed of production I can operate at, and therefore much more freedom in the story dynamic.

By the way, when I mean story I don't just mean dialog and non-erotic stuff. Look at the Gentleman's Club, you can see character-building and fun interaction during the sex-scenes. This is something I really want to perfect with my comics, that the sex scene is not separate from the story, but that is has everything to do with it!  But that's not got to do with format, but yeah, the smaller, the faster I am, the more versatile.

Cinematic small, flipbook style (like Impulse) 

This format seemed to me to be a nice compromise between the large but resource intensive 3DX format and my small render avalanche format. The cinematic wide-angle strip worked nicely for me because first of all it gives you the feeling of the cinema, which is associated with entertainment, the wide format also gives a feeling of big and spacious, but more conveniently it removes a whole lot of pixels above and below the scene :D !! So basically I have the wideness of a 3DX format, but the height of my usual renders. I gain speed, but also presentation with this format.

This format did inspire me to experiment with flipbook-style animation, which is basically poor-mans animation. My comic Impulse was the first one I tried this with and people seemed to be convinced by it, even though it was rather vanilla. 
I think I have decided to do Sen's new comic in this format regardless, because I really want to get that Sand n Sandals '300' feel to the comic, with the flipbook animation style following the fighting (and the sex).

Optimized for tablets / Optimized for Laptop / PC 

These options, are not necessarily formats, but they can have an effect on preferred formats. I'm just curious what you prefer to use regarding my comics, or perhaps digital comics in general. 

Think about this one because with tablets on the rise, the old upright comic book format might be a thing to re-consider. It depends on what you're comfortable with. 


So yeah let me know what you'd like to see!

(I hope the poll widgets shows below...)

What comic format do you prefer for Lali stories? You can select more than one answer.


Other News?

Not much else to annouce other than that I spent the last two weeks eyebrow deep in perfecting Project E's naughty morphs. I can be so crazy perfectionist about it that I work myself into oblivion over it. Just a few days ago I hit my head on a beer bottle when I fell asleep at my desk while working on these morphs :P

And I also have a girlfriend haha, so its not like I'm missing sex!

Anyway, TMI!


PS: One thing I forgot to mention and deliberately did not add, is the possibility of movies, because I know that option would have been very popular! Some of you might have seen the 'Lali Vines' on Renderotica, they were quite popular. But the simple fact is that movies are VERY resource, time (and beer) intensive, and that I don't have time for right now. Never-the-less I'm keeping my options open and even have plans with our good man Epoch  to give it a swing with the DCV once the comic nears completion. I will definitely give it a try and who knows it might work.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

May Update

Hey peeps,

I've done a bit of cleaning up on this blog, kind of in preparation for making a website, but also because there's going to be a load of stuff happening in the next coming months. Comics obviously, but also probably some 3D goodies in the store of which I cannot yet say that much. Speaking of which, I just had a very welcome breakthrough with Project E, if you wanna know more then peruse over to the Project E page, I don't wanna sound the bells just yet, but things are looking good.

So as for this blog:

  • I've updated the Girls' page with some more info
  • Likewise Lali's page
  • the Comics page is more up to date with actual projects
  • I've added a link to 'Tips' about something useful for DSON-haters
  • (BTW, FYI: I updated the 'About page' several months ago if you didn't know. It has some useful info about me and the world of CGe in general)
Most importantly there's a new page called 'Free Stuff'. For some of you loyal fans this is old news but there's basically a whole lump of links to every significant page / website related to my work or any of Lali's crazy spontaneous adventures on Arti of Darkness and elsewhere. This is not only fun, but perhaps also useful if you first wanna check out the quality of my work & storytelling before buying my comics!

Ok that's it for now, I'll keep you posted as the exciting new developments unfold.


Friday, 1 May 2015

3 years of LALIIIIIII

Hey guys, like said elsewhere: 3 years ago I released my first Lali comic (and officially entered the world of 3D Erotica (or CGe or 3DX)). Whooo!

This year I'm keeping Lali's BDay modest because I feel I need to first produce at least 3 comics this year (lord help me) before feeling jubilant. None-the-less, Lali got a cake from her co-stars on the set of the Disco Dragon, where the ladies (and I) are hard at work!! 

Thank you for all your support, comments, suggestions, love and patience throughout the years! Onwards to another year of Lali, this time hopefully filled with much more Lali antics!


edit: Lali says thanks for the cake and birthday wishes!!!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Good news, Bad news, and Good news

Sorry for waiting so long with a new post. I'm sure you guys have been following me elsewhere. Good news is I'm blasting ahead with three comics at once, I am entirely back on track after a lousy beginning of th
e year with all kinds of infrastructural problems and other domestic bullshit. 

Bad News

Ok so, let me quickly get the bad news out the way. So last time I was babbling on about Poser Game Dev's Kinect Mocap feature and how I was hoping that it would help me speed my workflow up. Well fuck that, its useless. I had hoped that it was at least a little useful, for like, getting basic poses recorded, or perhaps some decent movement for short little movies. But it was not meant to be. I wasn't expecting like super professional mocap or anything, but this feature is honestly pretty fucking useless. Even with trying to unfuck the result using an extra layer of animation, you might as well do the poses yourself. For motion capture itself it might be useful, but you'll still have to guide the whole result into not looking like a retarded zombie. I wrote a whole epistle on Renderotica about it but one of the things I noticed about the feature is that even in Poser's OWN tutorials you can see that the mocap isn't even remotely accurately calibrated for their OWN figures (shoulders are up to the ears by default), which leaves me to ask: what the fuck were those guys thinking? So yeah, I bought a $200 kinect for nothing, for now then. Maybe it will improve with the next SR, who knows?? If any of those guys is reading this, I HIGHLY recommend a calibrating tool for the mocap skeleton.

Ok so that was the bad news. There is some neutral news about the Oculus Rift that I tried. Its fun, its fascinating, but I can't use it professionally. The DK2 is indeed a development kit, still very pixelly, and it gets uncomfortable in a hurry. Also, I just can't see my keyboard. I do sometimes use it in an emergency when I need to hide what I'm doing (because of certain unauthorized people wondering around).

Good news

Now the good news! So yeah I'm full on busy with comics. The good thing about Poser Game Dev is the figure combining and poly reduction features. I will combine all of the Project E characters with their clothes for the non-sexual scenes, and remove a tonne of hidden polys, making the figure very mobile in a crowded disco full of V4 and M4 that have been reduced in polys. I also have some lores figures from renderosity going in the scene. I forgot to do a street scene so I'm now also working in that. there is a scene with all the girls packed into a Mini Cooper, which will be fun!

And guys you HAVE to go to Deviant Art because there's so much new stuff!!!

Sci Fi

Next to that I went doodling around with Project E and spent an afternoon working on a future concept called Siren 7 which is a Sci Fi story set in the future. The lead  character is called Rose. Because the response was so enthusuastic on Deviant Art, I decided to spend another day working on a futuristic exploration suit for the main character. I'll probably be releasing that in a store near you soon.

Better News

Now back to animations. Just today while I was waiting on a render I came across a compilation of 'vines' on youtube. Vines are like short message service thingys but then with video. they last something like 6 seconds and are a rage! Together with that, some of you might know (or engage in) collecting animated erotica GIFs on site like Tumblr, and they are also short like vines are. So I thought I might try make some Lali vines, partly as an experiment to see if I can start thinking about adding looping animations in my comics. Well... here are two animations already (made in the last 6 hours! And I have another along the way.

These animations were made by hand, using Poser's interpolation off course. Note: NOT with the bloody mocap feature. Just imagine if that improved, or if I won the lottery and could get me some proper mocap stuff. Man I'll be making movies instead of comics! 

So yeah onwards I go. I hope next time I sit here babbling at you guys I have a comic in the store... well almost then. And a new website!