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Saturday, 26 September 2015

One Project Down, two more to go!

Hey guys, just to show you I'm not 'all talk and no play' I completed my first 'comic' for the year! Whoo. It was actually a request, and it will be for free*!

While it is a small picture series I started a few months back, its still the first step in the right direction that started (partly by deciding to shelf Project E and wait for Poser 11) with hopefully part 1 of the Disco Dragon to follow (which will also be for free btw!). The third project of the year might either be part 2 of the Disco Dragon, or Sen's first comic. It depends which renders faster probably. 

Because the crowd renders of the DD are motherf**king slow, I've dedicated my two fastest computers on the job and it definitely makes a difference. I've also cleaned out all the scenes of unnecessary crap, light emissions and whatnot to also help speed it up. The renders still look good. My old i7 HP pc is getting used to model additional items for Sen's first comic, stuff like weapons, trees, straps, but also improving the sets in the comic and perhaps continuing the posing I started a few weeks back. 

In other words, all is going well on the comic front, I just need to press on!

*you do need to sell your soul to the devil first, but chances are you've already done that so... no worries! :D

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Promising Poser futures...!

Hey guys, this has just been brought to my attention:

The future of Poser...

Seems like ol' Nerd3D knows his shit huh? I'm excited for sure. The select tool. The GPU support. The INJ file creation. Etc etc. Someone is listening!

Nerds are go!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Thank you, new comic readers!

Just a quick post to thank all the people that bought my comics in the last year (especially in the last few weeks). You have helped me buy a new back up power system!

Ever since the storm that hit my country back in January this year, my old power system somehow took a beating and I couldn't render properly anymore. I never realized how stressful this was until a few weeks ago when I started rendering the MASSIVE scenes of the disco dragon. Some images would take 2 days to render but the local power supply is so unreliable (and my back up system no vigilant enough) that it would kick out a render half-way. its also not healthy for my computers to switch off mid-process. So thanks for helping me out there!! Huge difference!

As you also saw below, I ran into another brick wall regarding Poser. My scenes were just TOO BIG! It was reported as a bug and now I've managed to truncate my scenes without compromising on the result. Rendering is fine again!

Last week was also a little scare when I got an email from Google saying I was in violation of their TOS, which confused the hell out of me. I was worried about this blog and my galleries. Turned out they had quietly changed their Picasa TOS back in 2014 and ever since I'd unintentionally been in violation of it. So by moving all my shit to my blogger albums it would still be legit. I did so and hopefully they'll leave me alone now. But the pressure to make my own website is ever greater, Google clearly wants nothing to do with us. Thanks Jim, KF and Cyprine for your help thusfar!

I hope from now on it will be clear sailing! In the last two days I've managed to render four massive renders with ease. Parts 2 and 3 of the DD will be easier to render since they won't have that many crowd scenes.

Btw that girl up there is 'Rebecca'. I'll probably add her to the Project E Character FBMs :)

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Google Plus? Power cuts, bugs... still rendering!

So I get this in the mail today:

Dear Erogenesis Art,
We've determined that your photos may be in violation of our User Content and Conduct Policy.
Continued violation of our policies can lead to the loss of your ability to use some or all of the features of Google+ and other Google services. Learn more
Yours sincerely,
The Google+ Team

Ehm, I don't even have Google+, for this exact reason. The TOS conflicts entirely. I'd never dream of going to Google+ (or Google Photos for that matter). Is this perhaps a hint that Google is merging Picasa with Google+? I checked Picasa, all is normal. I checked Google Photos (apparently I have it, despite not having G+) and suddenly I find all my images in there. FULL OF SEX! Well Duh, I never moved them there. I delete an album on Google Photo, and it's removed on Picasa. Well now... are we now all getting forced to use Google+?

Does anyone know this means? Can I ignore this and get on with my life? Or is it another one of Google's way to nudge out Erotica artists from blogger? (because for some reason google seems to think that sexual fantasies are not of this earth...)

In other words, I'll probably be banned from Google any time from now. You can keep track of me over at Deviant Art (until they crack down on anything with a vagina). Yeah I need to get my own website going, I was hoping to get my comics going first to get a bit of capital to pay for that. JIM!!!!! HALP!

Edit: apparently Picasa's TOS disallows me to host the pictures that I do... well great. I don't remember this being the case a few years ago, or maybe I just assumed if erotic content was ok on blogger, then the associated image storage would have the same rules. Apparently not. Very logical. So for the next few days I'm gonna have to make sure everything is moved to a less anal location, and make sure all is linked to the right place. We're talking all my series over at AoD, as well as here... as if I have nothing better to do.


Anyway, besides these pious, asexual, neurotic, mega-corporations dictating sexual morality upon the masses, I've also had to deal with your typical African governmental corruption (not so very different really) that results in daily Power-Cuts because they cannot be arsed to get expert help to solve the problems with the hydroelectric dam. They'd rather spend donor money on their mercedes benzes and 'foreign trips'.

Not to worry, I've invested in a new and improved power supply that will probably be able to bridge their incompetence with the grace that we know as modern technology! Whoo. 

Next to that I've also accidentally discovered the limits of Poser (by loading up 300+ figures into one scene). I was set back a few days, the bug was reported, and now I can carry on. I think I should also learn from this year that its best to just aim small, that way you can actually get things done at a faster tempo :P

What a life!