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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Splitting up the DD and Starting Sen tomorrow!

Hi peeps! Man man, so much has happened...

Mojo, Madness and Mankind

Sorry for the long silence, but I needed to make a huge effort getting back my mojo after the disappointment that is Project E (more on that later). Getting back into the swing of comic making, rendering frame by frame and basically getting back into the stories and characters takes a lot of concentration and mind-bending. I was well out of it, I'm surprised that I managed to pull off the DD part 1 when I did. I guess I can understand what Hollywood actors go through to get into their roles, but I have to do it with several characters at once, and do the cinematography, and CG technical stuff, and make sure the story gets told properly... ugh... 

What also doesn't entirely help is some of the shit going down around the world, like the horrible Orlando shootings, the most shameful political games that ensued, and then Brexit, which in itself is interesting to witness, but the racism that it seems to have unleashed.... fucking shameful. The artwork above is my contribution to all that (called: Extremism is the Enemy of Mankind).

Anyway... now for some fun stuff.

Splitting up the DD

So anyway, DD part 2 is over 50% now but I am seriously thinking of splitting it up into more parts, because otherwise it might be too long, and I think its time that I put a comic out there a.s.a.p. I just need to make sure it doesn't disrupt the flow of the story too much. I'll wait for the current render batch to complete and then I'll see how I can split this part up.

For those who follow me on Deviant Art, you'll know about the endless Pool Party series which started over a month ago as a tool to help me get back into render mode. This definitely helped, and has resulted in some crazy and fun renders. 

It also resulted in ideas for future comics, one of them being that Lali and some of her friends will go to Burning Man! Whoohoo!!! The comic will be called 'Girls on Fire!'

Resuming Sen's comic!

So once the Pool Party is done (probably tonight) then I'll get started on Sen's first comic! I have been looking forward to that SO MUCH!!! ARGH! Much has already been done, but now I need to convert a bunch of stuff to the new Erogirl base figure (mesh4.5), including garments and poses. Most of the sets are complete and I also started animating parts of it a while back. I'm excited with this series because its entirely different from what I normally do. I'm very curious what you guys will think of it...!

Modeling in Max!

I also tried my hand at modelling other stuff than human figures, namely a nice bullpup rifle especially designed for Lali. I introduced this design on Deviant Art and it sparked some interesting conversations. The design attempts to integrate the secondary weapon (pistol) into the primary weapon (rifle) so that you can maintain lethal fire at a target while reloading the primary weapon. It also has a flip up periscope optic system that minimizes the distance between the barrel and the optics, and also allows the shooter to zoom into a target. It also has a servo to stabilize the rifle's aim, entirely ambidextrous, fast interchangeable barrels and can accept most 7.65mm mags. I wonder if the design would ever prove useful for law-enforcement! More info here.

CGbytes Projects

I also helped design several new clothing and prop sets for CGbytes along with Sixus1. Two of these sets are based on my comic worlds of Sen and Siren 7. They are called 'Triplonia' and 'Dark Void', respectively. Sixus did a pretty cool job on them, definitely check them out on CGbytes if you think it looks cool.

Exploration Pod

But for the real deal I've also started my own modeling projects for Siren 7, which are WAY more detailed. For example Rose's Exploration Pod (see below) has no textures yet but all her shapes and seams are entirely 3D. It has an interior and is constructed with panels that can get dislodged when damaged. It currently has the poly count of a V4 but there's still much more to come, greebles, doors, furniture, a cockpit, landing gear, and it needs refining here and there. Here's more information.

Pauline Advanced!

As some of you might remember, I made a small bunch of morphs as a demonstration (pr protest) back when Pauline first came out. To my surprise there was quite some interest in it. I didn't have time to release those morphs but I sent them off to my colleague ShvrDavid who completely pimped Pauline. The package is now called 'Pauline Advanced', it includes my morphs, and is available on Content Paradise.

These are the old renders but I'll update with some new ones a.s.a.p with my morphs:

Art of Darkness RIP :(

Now for some less happy news, Art of Darkness is closing down, the website where Lali was brought up on. For various reasons the manager was unable to maintain the website any longer and it is now getting converted into a museum, more-or-less. As a thank you to the manager that has selflessly kept the place going for several years we hosted a funeral in the last forum open there and Lali gave a funny and emotional speech! In response to the demise of AoD, gentleman Nyghtfall opened up Visions of Darkness to keep the spirit going. Be sure to check it out! Thank you Nyght!

Project E

This paragraph has been moved to here. I don't want to bother my comic fans with this stuff.