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Project E resumed (May 2017). Mesh, UVs, and rig redone. Morphs starting a.s.a.p. Poser exclusive, DS option. More news soon.


What started out (again*) with much enthusiasm / confidence in November 2015 should have been completed within three months, including base figure, essential morphs, detailed morphs and base textures. It was going quite well at first, but because of an endless array of bugs, limitations and inconsistencies in Poser, the project suffered many setbacks, and six months later, the base figure is still not entirely complete. The delay has depleted my funds and caused a huge backlog in my comic making plans (this was already the case since 2014, where development of the older project E also ran into issues).

And now?

I will resume development on Project E just as soon as I have time and money. For the time-being, the project is too big a risk for me to take. It is true that many of the problems in Poser that I reported have been fixed, and Poser is now much better because of it, but for me was too late. 

Can we help?

I've had many many kind and gracious offers of financial support, from near and far, but I dare not accept them because this is the most unpredictable project I've ever worked on. I simply, flat out, do not want to gamble with other people's hard-earned money.

How far is she?

I hope I will have time and money later this year to wrap her up as she is. Her base rig is 90% done. I still need to make all the morphs and optional morph packs, prepare the mannequins, make a base texture, some simple hair to start off with, and some instructions on how to effectively use her. Its also VERY possible that she's going to end up working in DS, with some minor adjustments. Tests have been successful thus far.

Not like a comic

Make no mistake, making a figure like this is not a joke. Its not like with comics that I can fudge my way out of a screwed up render. Everything in this figure needs to be more-or-less perfect, since this figure was supposed to last me 4-6 years. Things get complex with compatibility if I change the figure after release, and support won't be guaranteed. I also confess to be very reluctant to touch her since her development suffered so many problems that I simply dreaded opening Poser. That last part is very unhealthy for my career. When I stopped, it took me well over a month to feel happy about opening Poser again. So when I do resume development, I'll still prioritize comics, otherwise I'll go nuts. 

Erogirl dilemma

Also, I need to be honest here, there's another challenge I'm facing, and that is that the main reason I started with this figure is now irrelevant for me. What initially motivated me to push on is because I needed her myself, but because of all the setbacks I was forced to save time, improvise and combine my old figure (mesh4) with my new rig (mesh5), the former containing the FBMs for all my main characters. I also did this to preserve compatibility between the two, regarding clothes. But as a consequence I've now developed the perfect comic figure for my work (The Erogirl figure / mesh4.5). This figure is not suitable for the store since she has 110K polys, some mesh issues and V4's head. So my primary incentive to push on with PE.mesh5 is more or less gone. I'm not entirely sure what this has to mean for PE, I've always used my self-interest in projects as a guarantee of some kind of quality. Perhaps this will prove irrelevant, but only time will tell.

For you

However, this basically means that the only reason I'll continue making this girl, is for you (and perhaps also because many others and myself spent lots of time on it). You have all supported me so much over the years I feel I owe it to you. If it wasn't for you, I'd have stopped long ago. So I will do my best when I get the chance. I've listened to all your requests on Renderosity and CGBytes and elsewhere... and who knows, if she does well, perhaps I might even start using her myself too. I will confess I recently tried her out after a few months of not touching her, and I did get a little more excited than I used to. She's pretty nice, so this could all still work out.

26 September, 2016


in short: I just ran into a brick wall with my optimism / enthusiasm, and now I'm just doing damage control until I feel I have enough time / courage to wrap this project up.

*this project actually started back in 2013, mainly experimental, but mesh5 would have been the last phase.

to the new project.e information page
Click here to view the old page!
Click here for Specifications

!! project.e.mesh5 is still in development, so things are still subject to change!!

Still in rigging stage, no morphs yet.

What is PE?

Project 'e' is an attempt to create the best working and most realistic female figure in Poser*. She was primarily designed according to my own requirements in my comics, but since the last year also include new innovations from existing figures and ideas suggested by the community.

The meaning of 'e' will be revealed during the first phase of testing.

Availability for DS will be problematic, but it will be looked into!

*Poser 10 & 11 (incl pro). Other versions not tested yet.
Her details:

- Entirely new mesh
- Entirely new rig
- V4 Equivalent Polycount
- Expression handles (Octane friendly)
- PP2014 Compatible
- Minimal JCMs
- T-Pose Rig (mesh designed for A-Pose)
- Articulated toes (perhaps two digits)
- Carpal bones
- Detailed ocular anatomy
- Integrated 'erogenous zones'
- Integrated oral anatomy
- Double upper & lower lashes
- more info here

UV islands:
- head
- torso
- arms
- legs
- eyes
   - Irises (left & right)
   - Tissue (left & right)
   - Cornea (left & right)
   - Retina (left & right)
- lashes
- fingernails
- toenails
- mouth
- teeth
- genital areas

Project.e will be released under the name that is now abbreviated by 'e'.

Her base rig will be provided for free, along with a few options, so that one can see if this figure will be of use to you. 

There will also be a cheap 'experimentation' pack available if the free package is not enough to decide. If you do decide to work with her, you will be discounted the value of the experimentation pack when you buy any other items for her.

I aim to provide as many options for her as I possibly can. Modular morph packs and base textures will hopefully be combined with more elaborate contributions from other vendors into themed content bundles.

She will be released at a new, user-friendly and secure vendor site called CGBytes. The place is still getting built up, but there should be some fun stuff appearing there soon!


Created by an artist, designed for artists!

The idea behind project.e is to continue and develop on a proven and successful formula in a way that is meaningful to artists like me and many other artists, vendors and hobbyists in the Poser community.

I hope project.e will be of use to you too!

Be sure to check the specs page!


  1. Holy Toledo!

    My mind is swimming in the joy of imagining endless possibilities with higher poly meshing.

    *gasp* I could eleborate, but instead all I'll say is Thank you Erogenesis - for existing, and your folks for putting you on this Earth.

  2. Looks like amazing work already. I can not wait to see it finished and throw my money at it! lol

  3. I've been following your work for some time without comment so far.
    So I'll I make a comment now-
    Great work for making Lali, she's the most human looking Poser character IMO, in both body and face. In fact unlike all other V4 characters she's hard to do anything wrong with. No matter how I poser her, her body and expressions are spot and need very little tweaking if at all.
    After using Poser for ten years someone has finally made a character that looks real, has a shit load of useful morphs, has an outstanding pussy and tits and always renders like a dream.
    I hope you've made a decent amount of money from all your hard work, because you really deserve it.

  4. lo m8,
    should you need a beta tester specializing in animation just lemme know: vizivius

  5. I seriously can not wait for this!!!

  6. Looks fantastic i cant wait, i use your Lalis bits exclusivly because there the BEST genitials for v4, so having a character with genitials built in made by you will be absolutly fantastic and i cant wait for her to arrive, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Looks bloody good!!! you sure know how to kick ass :)
    Awesome work! can't wait till she's done...

  8. Wow! It´s looking great!!! It's been more than a year now, but well worth waiting for. Keep up the professional work and keep me posted when Project E is finished.

    1. yep as you can see I'm taking my time with this girl! I don't wanna end up getting burned in some forum because of some incompatibility (and I do have other stuff to do!). But I hope when she comes out, that you guys can be happy! :)

  9. As another avid follower, I've subsumed most of the best figure development offerings of the Poser community into my own works e.g. V4 weight maps, Lali's bits, and many others, but keep running into the same problems with most offerings that offend my sense of realism. (No criticism in your direction, though: I love what you're doing with Project E). I habitually pose my V4 figures with the V4 skeleton conformed to remind me where the skin surface should be in relation to muscle attachments and bends over the bones. No one, especially not DAZ with their Genesis and G2F offerings do realistic things with pelvis and thigh bends or seem to cope with which bits of the hip have pelvic bones beneath them and cannot be affected by weight maps in the abdomen (the iliac crests never move) or thighs (the pubic bone cannot be affected by the thigh movement and the buttocks have to bend and stay centred over the ischium or "Sit Bones").

    1. thanks for that input. I think I'd have to contact you personally on that issue because my knowledge of anatomy only goes so far. In about one or two months from now I'll be starting with the final phase of PE's development, with the intention to put her in a store, so if you have time, please email me with your suggestions a.s.a.p cheers!

  10. Will you be providing templates for the texture maps that you use for PE when you release her?

    1. without question! but as it looks now she'll probably also be available as a version compatible with V4 maps.

  11. Looks fantastic and I love the idea of being able to use V4 maps, can't wait!

  12. Will this character be flat chested out of the box as the version that you were working on before the now new mesh5? Thanks

  13. Will she be in flat chest mode like Gen1 and you original plan before mesh5? This will give more versatility than bobs out of the box

    1. She will be a compromise between flat and the big ass titties of V4. I initially thought that an entirely flat chest would help, but it actually caused more problems trying to conform clothing to the girl, so I'm going for a cup A or modest cup B. I've learned that the rigging doesn't need to interfere with modeled boobs since they are planted on a relatively stable chest that doesn't deform that much when bending and twisting. What would your argument be for an entirely flat chest?

    2. It's a preference! LOL! No really, i use it for cross gender platform and i really want a perfect flat chest sometimes rather than using Posers morph tools. either way that is an easy fix, i was hoping that the flat chest would help me with my render straight out of the box! No matter what though, you can take my money! Just get right in there and take it. I must check your blog every friggin day my friend! Love your work!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I just stumbled on this page. Are these modes for sale? I've been trying to find where to buy female models with animatable private parts that will work in unity.


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